Debut Date: January 25, 2016

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Willdabeast is the brainchild of trumpeter, producer and performer Will Glazier. This electronic-based project called seamlessly infuses the thrill of digitally engineered music with the energy and soul of traditional instrumentation. Will was first introduced to live music in the early 2000‘s where he and Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit) formed a band in middle school. After more than a decade of touring and recording, Glazier has played music with the likes of Michal Menert, Monophonics, Snug Harbor, Yogoman, Late Night Radio and more. In 2013, he graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in audio and video production wherein the first Willdabeast album “Into The Wild”, a blend of hip hop beats, soul samples and live instruments was released. Shortly after, Glazier was introduced to recording and performing artist Michal Menert (PLM/Super Best Records owner). The two formed a strong, personal friendship and after months of conversation and collaborative planning, The Michal Menert Big Band was launched in 2014 to much acclaim. The Westword blog published an article citing “Michal Menert Big Band could be the future of EDM”. Glazier has performed with the Big Band at every show including the legendary Fillmore Auditorium, Red Rocks Amphitheater and a national tour as support for his debut Super Best Records release as well as his newest endeavor on trumpet; Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics.

In 2015, Glazier teamed up with current band-mate and music contemporary Daniel de lisle on flute and trombone to help bring even more live instrumentation into the fold. In doing so, this powerful and dynamic brass section also solidified themselves as some of the most sought after horn players in the genre. Willdabeast has had the opportunity to record tracks with prominent contemporary acts such as: Griz, Michal Menert, Ageless, Wet Paint, Kaptain, SwAy, Kinetik Groove and more. The group seems to have found its niche, incorporating analog-acoustic instruments in their music and live shows, while using improvisation as a tool to interact with the music and audience.

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“Will Glazier is WillDABeast. A founding member and leader of the local soul stable, Snug Harbor (and national group Michal Menert Big Band), Glazier has reinvented his performing persona to become one of the newest additions to (the electronic scene) by blending the carefully composed synthetic sounds of electronic music and the irreplaceable authenticity of live musicians in a unique way thats is entirely his own. Glazier’s project is the culmination of more than a decade of performing as a live musician, blowing his trumpet in many genres nation-wide.”

WillDABeast is an attempt to merge the excitement of digitally produced dance music with the allure and tonality of live instrument recordings.


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