Backwoods Music Festival

Debut Date: September 2, 2016

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The Backwoods Camping and Music Festival is a must see 3 day music and art festival. Nine years in the making, the festival started as a gathering of local artists and musicians in the woods. Today, top touring names and headliners grace the multiple stages at Backwoods with sick production.

The festival has art installations by festival famous artists, and places to “hang out” built in the middle of the woods. Secret passages, lights, sounds, and visuals throughout the forest bring a new magical experience. Bring your hammocks and relax in the shade, or layout in the sun on a towel to tan, all while listening to the best in indie, jam band, and electronic.

Located near Route 66, festival goers travel this historic road across the country to reach Backwoods, be it from one end in Chicago or the other in California.

Multiple stages including a 1,400 square foot three story tree house and other artistically built magical venues located in the middle of the woods, crank out the music daily from the early afternoon until the wee hours in the morning.

You don’t want to miss this magical journey. Travel to another world at Backwoods Camping and Music Festival in Stroud, Oklahoma on Route 66.