About us

Zeus the Owl

The name Zeus comes from that of a real owl.  Zeus the owl was found injured on a front porch in South California. Since he was blind, his rescuers at the Wildlife Learning Center couldn’t simply release him back into the wild, so he now lives in a trunk on the filing cabinet next to the center’s founder Paul Hahn’s desk.

Specifically, Zeus was diagnosed with “conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy, anterior uveitis,” most likely caused by a traumatic event like flying into something or being attacked by a predator.  His general condition causes white flecks that glisten in his eyes. These pigments cause a unique appearance that some have described as a “view of the Universe” quality in his eyes, for which he is now well known for.  Zeus’s condition does not cause him pain and he’s otherwise completely healthy.

Zeus navigates around his world by sound.  Since he is blind, he relies on his ears to tell him the story of what’s around him.  Here at our agency, we too rely on our ears.  The agency supports artists for some of the countries most up and coming acts, as well as promotes festivals, venues, and nightly events around the country.

Our mission at Zeus, is to bring the world the best music found in the universe.  It’s as simple as that.